Why is it so important to renovate windows and aluminium frames?

First of all, it is important to highlight how much it influences the electricity bills. In fact, both windows and aluminium frames are key to saving energy.

If the right elements are chosen for each home, the savings obtained can be considerable, being an aspect that leads our clients in Castelló d'Empúries to choose to carry out this part of the reform. And it is not for less, since they know that in spite of meaning an important sum within the budget of an integral reform, the amount ends up being amortized with the passage of the years.

Beyond the energy savings, renovating windows and aluminium frames can also provide great comfort in terms of the acoustics of the home. If these elements have a long accumulated age, it is likely that they do not perform their function of insulating you from outside noise properly. The situation becomes very different with the renovation process.

Excellence as a family tradition

With more than 50 years of experience, in Construcciones Montero we have very clear our objective when making reality your project, and it is that the result of the housing is excellent.

We have a large team of professionals and specialists to replace your windows or install new aluminium frames in Castelló d'Empúries.

In addition, we take care of giving you all the integral advice of your project.

This is the process of renovating windows and installing aluminium frames with Montero Construccions

The first thing that makes us stand out in the field of window renovation and aluminium frames is that we have been providing this service to numerous clients in Castelló d'Empúries for many years. It is precisely the extensive experience we have behind us that allows us to satisfy one hundred percent of the needs of each type of user.

To this end, we first of all explain to the client all the alternatives available to them. Having carried out so many projects in Castelló d'Empúries, we are able to know exactly what is best for each user, although the final decision is always in their hands.

When renovating windows and making aluminium enclosures, one of the details that can be chosen is the opening. At Montero Construccions we offer several alternatives, such as sliding windows which are ideal for homes with not many square metres, casement windows with a very good capacity for transpiration through the upper part and those with a tilt and turn system, which is synonymous with versatility in its purest form.

After choosing the opening, it is time to choose the glazing. In recent years, most of our customers have opted for double glazing because it provides a better result in terms of energy efficiency and sound insulation. Even so, for the tightest budgets we also offer the possibility of renovating the windows or making aluminium enclosures with single glazing, i.e. without the air chamber that separates a pair of panes made of glass.

Shortly after we get down to work, the project is completed and the customer can enjoy the great advantages of aluminium, starting with the high level of resistance. Neither the sun nor adverse weather conditions take their toll. And if that wasn't enough, the visual result is excellent thanks to the beauty of the aluminium profiles.

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