If you don't need a full home renovation in Girona, we offer you the possibility of only renovate your bathroom, one of the most usual rooms for renovations, since it is one of the rooms of the house that we use daily and over the years the furniture begins to feel old, or the electrical installation does not work OK, the WC spends too much water, etc.

In Construcciones Montero we are number 1 in the renovations of bathrooms in Girona due to the first quality materials we use and the 100% professional service that we offer to cause you the least possible inconvenience in your house.

The best bathroom renovation in Girona

If you are interested in removing the bathtub and putting a shower tray for comfort, if you want to improve the current plumbing because you constantly have traffic jams, or if you are simply thinking of modernizing the sink with a more modern decoration so that it does not look like a bathroom from last century, ask us for a budget without commitment and we will calculate the price of the you bathroom renovation in Girona.

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