Do you have a problem of damp or infiltrations in your home? Don’t worry, at Construccions Montero we are experts in treating and preventing these problems.

How do we work? First, we diagnose the type of damp affecting your home:

  • Damp from condensation: poor ventilation of your home can cause this type of damp, producing mould patches on walls and ceilings, unpleasant odours, excessive ambient humidity and poor quality of the air. This type of damp can turn into a health problem, creating a habitat for mites and fungi. If you observe an excess of steam on your windows or mould patches, the cause could be damp from condensation.
  • Damp from capillarity: damp rises up through outer walls and foundations and evaporates through the inner walls, causing the appearance of saltpetre and the flaking of coatings and paint. These forms of damp weaken the foundations and walls of your building, and also increase the consumption of heating. If you detect damp patches in low parts of inner or outer walls, you could have a problem of damp from capillarity that has to be solved.
  • Damp from infiltrations: this type of damp tends to occur in garages, ground floors or homes built below ground level, when water from outside infiltrates to the interior. In addition to representing a problem for the structural resistance of the building, damp from lateral infiltrations can cause flakings and short-circuits.

Whatever the type of damp affecting you, you don’t need to worry any more. Contact us and we will analyse your case to offer you a fast and definitive solution. We solve problems of damp all over the Empordà.

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