The best air conditioning system for your home: aerothermics

When renovating, one of the most important decisions to be made is related to the air conditioning system. Which one to choose? The list of options is very long. In fact, in Montero Construccions we are able to meet the needs of any type of user, such as those who prefer to choose to install air conditioning. While it is true that there are some models such as those we install that have a high level of efficiency, in this sense the undisputed queen is the technology known as aerothermal.

Beyond efficiency, which we will delve into now, it stands out above all for being extremely versatile. And is that not only serves to keep cool the home when summer arrives, which squeezes with high temperatures in the Empordà and throughout Girona in general. As if that were not enough, aerothermal energy is also used to heat the house in winter, as well as to provide hot water for showers.

Renewable energy that benefits the planet and your economy

Both when receiving orders for integral reforms and when being asked only for the installation of an air conditioning system, there is an alternative that is reaping great success. Indeed, we are referring to the aerothermal. But beyond the versatility described above, what is it that makes it so popular with our customers? Basically, it is the result of the great efficiency it boasts.

The energy it needs is obtained from the air circulating outside the house. This means that, compared to air conditioning, the savings are considerable. But what happens if compared with the consumption of conventional heating? The percentage is even higher. It is estimated that the aerotermia yields 400% more than the typical heating.

This fully affects the pocket of our customers, as well as the planet in general. And is that the aerotermia does not make use of any type of fuel. That is why we are facing a clean energy that, fortunately, more and more people decide to take advantage of.

We install aerotermia making a reform or without the need to make it

In Montero Construccions we are experts in integral reforms and, as such, we know the great advantage of installing aerotermia renovating the house in question. This is demonstrated by the fact of opting for underfloor heating without placing it on top of the existing one, but replacing the old one to better fit the pipes. We are talking about a type of installation that is ideal for houses and apartments whose ceilings have a considerable height.

But what if our customers have a tighter budget and / or prefer not to make a comprehensive reform? The result obtained in this case is also very good. Using emitters such as those called fan coils, it is possible to integrate the system into an existing installation in the home in question.

The fact that we have accumulated so much experience in this sector allows us to recommend the best possible option to the customer, leaving the final decision in their hands. Whatever the aerothermal machine chosen and the type of installation, elements such as the three-way valve, the accumulator tank and the circulation pump ensure that this renewable energy is used to its full potential.

We offer the installation of aerothermal energy throughout the Alt Empordà region. Some localities where we have already made installations are Banyoles, Besalú, Castelló d'Empúries, Empuriabrava, Figueres, L'Escala, L'estartit, La Bisbal de l'Empordà, Llançà, Navata, Olot ,Peralada, Portbou or Roses. If you live in the Baix Empordà or elsewhere in the province of Girona, ask us for a quote and we will take care of your installation.

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