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As a Besalú construction company, in Montero Construcciones as well as carrying out integral construction works, we can also integrate ourselves in any work to carry out concrete tasks, such as concrete structures, foundations or formwork.

Nous sommes de l'Empordà

Construcciones Montero is based in Cabanes, in Alt Empordà. Even so, we also work a lot in Besalú and throughout Gerona, carrying out formwork work on our own and third-party works.

Structures in own and third-party works

Ever since our father founded Construccions Montero in 1969, we've always strived for excellence in everything we do. And that is reflected in our customer data:

Thanks to our experience, our forms help improve efficiency and safety in construction projects.

We offer you the following services related to Concrete structures, metal structures, formwork, foundations and retaining walls:

  • Concrete structures
    • Concrete structures for houses, whatever the type
    • Industrial and unique buildings of fair-faced concrete
    • Reinforced concrete walls
  • Metallic structures
    • We make any metallic element for the structure of buildings with approved welding
  • Mixed structures
    • We combine metal and concrete structures to create mixed structures with excellent final results
  • Pilings and special foundations

In addition, thanks to our heavy machinery we can take care of excavations and earthworks.

Our goal: your satisfaction

With more than 50 years of experience, at Construcciones Montero we are very clear about our objective when making your project come true, and that is that the result of the house is excellent.

We have a great team of professionals and specialists to work at any point in the construction process: from the design of the house, through the foundations and structures and of course we can also take care of the integral construction of the home.

We coordinate and supervise the works to guarantee excellent results. With more than 50 years of experience, people for our care in the work and the quality of our works and finishes, both in the realization of formwork and structures and in the integral construction of the house or our services of integral and partial reforms

Do you want us to take care of the structures of your work?

Ask us for an estimate without any commitment for any type of service related to concrete structures, metal structures, formwork, foundations and retaining walls in Besalú and surroundings.

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