The installation of air conditioning is one more of the air conditioning services that we offer in Montero Construccions

In Peralada, high temperatures are very common throughout the summer season. In fact, summers are getting longer and longer, so the heat can take its toll for four or five months. Combating it is as simple as having an air conditioner. Our professionals will install it for you.

They do this not only in domestic environments, but also in the workplace. That is to say, regardless of whether the air conditioning is to be installed in a home or an office, the experts on our team get down to work.

The installation of air conditioning is one more of the air conditioning services that we offer in Montero Construccions in Peralada area. In fact, we have been carrying out this type of projects for more than half a century, being the experience one of the details in which the clients who contract us most pay attention to. And it is not for less, since the extensive experience that we have behind us doing Full Renovations in Peralada guarantees that the result obtained will be excellent in every way.

Installing air-conditioning during the renovation process: the best possible option

If air conditioning is installed at the same time as a complete renovation, the result is even better. In this way, it is possible to make regattas and run all the wiring without it being visible afterwards.

The aim is to make the installation go unnoticed. The truth is that this is achieved: the air conditioning is perfectly integrated into the wall, avoiding the use of elements such as ducts and pumps.

Excellence as a family tradition

With more than 50 years of experience, in Construcciones Montero we have very clear our objective when making reality your project, and it is that the result of the housing is excellent.

We have a great team of professionals and specialists to install your new air conditioning in Peralada.

In addition, we take care of giving you all the integral advice of your project.

Air conditioning installation service that includes absolutely everything

Regardless of whether or not the air conditioning installation is carried out during the course of a complete renovation, we always offer an all-inclusive service. For example, there is no extra charge for the certificate required to install such a product in a home or office. Nor is it necessary to pay extra for the technical report and commissioning.

Our service has been highly valued by our customers in Peralada for years. This is not surprising considering that our professionals are versatile and adapt to the needs or requirements of all kinds of users. This is demonstrated by the large number of reliable brands we work with.

It doesn't matter if the client wants a ducted air conditioner, a conventional one, a model that has a specific number of frigories... in all cases we satisfy their preferences, including those who attach great importance to the visual aspect. Is this also your case? Then the small splits will become your main ally to say goodbye to the heat while obtaining an excellent decorative result.

It is worth highlighting the fact that the air conditioning we install is very efficient. This means that energy is used to the maximum, which has a positive effect not only on your wallet, but also on the ecosystem.

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