A step forward to everyday comfort

It's probably the very first door you open after leaving your bedroom. Wouldn't it be great if we could start our days with a feeling of absolute comfort?

Without that bathtub we haven't used in quite some years. Without that leaking tap. And without that curtain we know is going to fall again.

If you don't need a Full Renovations in Costa Brava, we offer you the possibility of doing a bathroom renovation. We at Construccions Montero are the nº1 business in bathroom renovations in Costa Brava because we work with top-quality materials and offer a completely professional service that avoids the inconvenience that renovation work sometimes brings.

A room for your privacy, now tailor-made

Make the most of that repair that can't wait any longer and use it to give your bathroom the change you want.

It's time to change those tiles that you never really liked and install the separate shower that will prevent a slip or two.

Enjoy your comfortable space, designed just for you.

Family tradition. Closeness. Satisfaction

Ever since 1969, when our father founded Construccions Montero, we have renovated bathrooms all around the Alt Empordà and completed several full renovation projects and new constructions.

The customer is always right. That's why we let customer data do the talking:

Being close to you allows us to provide an efficient and personal service. We work in Costa Brava and nearby towns, and the other villages in Alt Empordà, Baix Emporda and Girona.

The comfort of your bathroom, 4 steps away

1. Fill in the contact form or give us a call.
2. Our technician visits your bathroom: we see what needs repairing or what you want to change, measure everything and start designing your perfect bathroom.
3. We send you a 3D plot of your new bathroom and a no-obligation quote. We make any changes needed to stay within your budget and make your new bathroom a reality.
4. We get all the work done as quickly as possible. We pay special attention to hygiene and try not to be an annoyance for your daily life at home. Now it's your time to enjoy your new space.


It's your time to say "I wish I'd done this renovation much sooner".

Ask us for a no-obligation budget for your bathroom renovation in Costa Brava.

And if you still have questions, call us and we will help you to resolve them.

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